The Best Theatres In The USA

The best theatres to look out for in the USA 2018

Some might say that the one and only American theatre is located in New York and has been the scenario to incredible musical numbers. Yes, we’re talking about Broadway, but not because it is the most recognized theatre in the whole United States it is the only one that exists. Cultural movements have been spreading across the whole country, meaning that some outstanding regional theatres have been building up in the latest years and there’s plenty to be seen. So follow the read and plan a cultural tour through the United States by getting to know the best theatres this country has.

Let’s start our journey with the outstanding façades of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City. This theatre has two strange but amazing structures that resemble an onion or a shell, or both, these structures are part of the two main performance halls. Also, this architectural gem embellishes the Kansas City landscape with its steel panels and glass-walled atrium.

This theatre shows that size doesn’t really matter when it comes to greatness. The Central City Opera House located in Central City, Colorado is a historic must-see. Even when it’s not that big, this opera house was built in 1878 and is home to one of the oldest opera companies of the US that are still performing. It’s known for hosting one of the most famous summer Opera festival of the country.

From classic structures, we jump to the modern awesomeness that lay on the Durham Performing Arts Center. This theatre; located in Durham, North Carolina; counts with space for 2800 spectators. And its outer walls entirely made of glass make an incredible view from both ways: the lobby is perfectly lit by sunlight at day and its intricate staircases make the structure even more awesome; once that you’re in, you can watch the city skyline and be amazed. Now you know that culture is not the only thing that shines in this center.

This theatre has greatness in its name, not for nothing is the home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. The Walt Disney Concert Hall counts with a mesmerizing façade with a lot of undulated steel panels and glass doors. This theatre is the heart of the Los Angeles cultural movement. It lacks of column beams and it has one of the most amazing acoustics that could be tested with its incredible built-in organ of 6134 pipes!

An incredible theatre that combines the best of modernity and classic features is located in San Francisco, California. The War Memorial Opera House is part of an incredible cultural complex that goes by the name of San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center. It can host to 7000 spectators! The style given to its façades, as a Beaux-Arts structure, and its inner 38 feet ceiling work fine to honor those who served during the Great War.

There are many more theatres to be seen in the USA. Don’t wait more and have a cultural journey!

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